How to Be an Awesome Neighbor at the Apartment Pool

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It’s your day off, and it is a beautiful, sunny day outside. You know that this kind of weather
calls for some quality time at your apartment pool. However, you also know that there are
some activities that may disrupt your neighbors’ enjoyment at the pool. How do you avoid
making a poor impression and keeping the apartment pool a pleasurable place for everyone?
Here are five tips to ensure that you remain that awesome neighbor at the apartment pool,
whether you are relaxing or taking part in the water fun:

1. Follow the Posted Signage.

Those posted safety rules are there for a reason! Be sure to follow any rules that your
apartment complex may have when using their pool so that you and those around you
remain safe. Common safety rules include no high-impact jumps and no running near the
pool. If you do not follow the safety rules, you are likely to get kicked out of the apartment
pool area as well, which is not desirable for anyone.

2. Don’t Invite a Large Number of Guests.

While it usually is fine to invite one or two guests over to the pool (be sure to check with
your apartment office before assuming!), you should not bring a lot of guests unless you
have rented out the pool for a party. This policy makes sure that there is enough space in
and around the pool for the apartment’s residents.

3. Use Your Headphones.

You may love your music—but others may not! Blasting your music can be irritating to your
neighbors, especially if there are others playing theirs as well. To maintain your pool
etiquette, bring headphones. This way, you still can listen to your music while respecting
others’ desire for relative quiet. If you do not have a pair of headphones or earbuds, try to
keep your music to a respectful level.

4. Supervise Your Children.

Unsupervised children at the apartment pool can be dangerous. Unfortunately, the
lifeguard cannot take care of multiple people at once—if there is one on duty. Children have
the tendency to go against pool rules by either running or swimming without adult
supervision. Additionally, screaming children can disrupt what would otherwise be a nice
pool day for someone else. When supervising your children, be sure that they are on their
best behavior so that your neighbors can enjoy the pool as well.

5. Keep Your Language Appropriate.

The language that you may use within the comfort of your apartment might not be what is
considered appropriate or clean for others. While certain words may be okay for you, they
may offend other people.

Keep in mind as well that there may not be just adults at the pool;
children are likely to frequent apartment pools as well. By keeping your language free of
any cussing, swearing, or otherwise non-PG words, you can ensure that nearby children are
able to continue enjoying the pool with you.
With these tips in mind, you can make sure that your apartment pool remains a safe and
exciting getaway for your relaxation time!

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