10 Fire Safety Tips for Apartment Renters

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Apartment renters must use these fire safety tips to protect the individuals living in a building that is shared with others. When a fire occurs in an apartment building, it can spread quickly to other sections of the structure, leading to serious injuries, destruction of possessions or deaths. Here are 10 tips that are recommended by experts to avoid dangerous fires in an apartment or to cope with a fire if one does occur.

Tip 1: Use Caution While Cooking Food

The kitchen is the most common place to have a fire, and in some cases, it is caused by not using the proper precautions. Make sure to stay near to the stove while you are preparing a meal. While cooking, keep your clothing and hair away from the flames. If your apartment has a balcony or a patio, then follow the guidelines for barbecuing outside so that sparks don't land on fences or other flammable structures.

Tip 2: Make Sure that You Have a Working Smoke Detector

You should have at least one working smoking detector on each level of your apartment, and you should test the batteries in these items each week. For additional protection, you can install smoke detectors in other areas, and some of these devices have extra things to protect you, including bright lights to help you find emergency exits or systems that will notify a local fire station immediately.

Tip 3: Do You Need a Portable Fire Ladder?

If you live in a multistory building that doesn't have exterior fire stairs, then you should buy a portable fire ladder or escape tube. These devices are dropped from an apartment's balcony or out a window so that you and your family can escape from the fire. You should keep these devices near to the windows or balconies, and you must teach everyone how to use the items when a fire occurs.

Tip 4: Watch Burning Candles

You may want to have candles in your home to enjoy the fragrance from these items or to create a relaxing atmosphere. Candles are also essential during a power outage, but if you use these in an apartment, then you must watch the items carefully. Avoid leaving candles unattended, especially when you have children or pets.

Tip 5: Don't Block the Proper Flow of Air from Climate-control Equipment

An air conditioner or a furnace can overheat when it is covered with piles of stuff. Don't use a utility room in your apartment for storage because it will prevent the proper flow of the heated or cooled air. In addition, walk through your apartment to verify that the intake and outlet vents aren't covered with rugs or draperies.

Tip 6: Fire Safety Drills with Your Family

Apartment renters should have fire safety drills with a family at least once a month. In addition to knowing how to get out of an apartment, you should know how to leave a larger apartment building that has multiple doors and windows. Remember that when a real fire occurs, you may need to exit a building in a different way because there are flames in the area nearest to your apartment.

Tip 7: Maintain A Dryer's Exhaust System

If your apartment has a laundry area, then make sure to clean the dryer's exhaust system once a year. The plastic or metal exhaust hose can become filled with lint that can overheat and start a fire. In some cases, you can empty the hose, but if it is damaged, then you should replace it.

Tip 8: Don't Leave Burning Cigarettes Unattended

Check your lease to determine if smoking is permitted in your apartment. If smoking is permitted, then follow the guidelines about smoking in certain locations. At the same time, you shouldn't smoke cigarettes in bed or while reclining on a couch. You should have smokeless or fireproof ashtrays to prevent an accidental fire in your apartment.

Tip 9: Check Electrical Cords

Apartment renters should check the electrical cords on electronics and appliances to make sure that the items aren't frayed. It is often possible to buy a new electrical cord at a home improvement store to replace the frayed ones that can cause a fire.

Tip 10: Monitor Your Apartment's Space Heaters

If you use a space heater to stay warm in an apartment, then make sure that it is in good condition. Electric space heaters are less likely to cause a fire, but don't cover the items with blankets or piles of clothing.


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