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Moving is a stressful experience and you shouldn't have to do it alone, which is why we’ve created the best moving checklist to ever exist! We’re here as allies to help you figure out exactly what you should be doing before, during and even after your move. Moving everything you own from one place to another is hard enough and we know how much relocating your life can tax you!


That being said, moving to a new place is an exciting time. With a little planning and organization, this 8 week guide to your impending move will make sure that you’ve gotten everything done between now and the big day so that you’ll have plenty of time to celebrate!


8 Weeks Before The Move


The big day is 2 months away! That’s close, but not close enough to where the pressure is one quite yet. This is an important time for you to start planning ahead for every aspect of your move. Good news: we’ve got you covered. We won’t shield you from the truth– you’ve got your work cut out for you. There’s a lot to prepare for. In the end, you’ll be thankful that you’ve gotten a head start and stayed organized.


  1. Start a “moving” file/folder on Google Drive to keep receipts, quotes, and any records that pertain to the move. You will not be able to remember all the details, so keeping them in a document for easy reference will make your life much easier.

  2. Schedule estimates in your home with moving companies to start gathering bids.

  3. Set a realistic budget for your moving expenses. We all want to hire a professional mover, buy that new sofa and get a new TV, but it’s important to keep your priorities straight!

  4. Read over the documents from the moving companies you’ve gotten bids for before you choose one and sign a contract. Don’t let their contracts intimidate you by making sure that you are educated about their company policies ahead of time.

  5. Request the time off from work you’ll need for moving day. If possible, plan to move on a Friday so you’ll have the rest of the weekend to get organized. (You’ll appreciate this later!)

  6. Start working on choosing a school for your kids. Get their documents in order, make the phone calls to start the conversation and paperwork now.

  7. In the same light, request the transcripts for your kids from their old/current school to get to their new school. In this particular case, distance isn’t a factor- your child’s new school will need these. Prepare now so your kids won’t get left behind!

  8. Plan a garage sale and then donate anything that you couldn’t sell.

  9. Start planning how you will move fragile or expensive items. Your movers may not be qualified to move some of the larger, more expensive items in your home- this may require a specialty mover to get the job done without any damage.


6 Weeks Before the Move


Six weeks before you move, it’s important to make sure that everything is in order. If you’re moving out of town, there are a dozen tasks that must be addressed in addition to organizing your belongings. At six weeks out, you still have plenty of time.


  1. Make time for friends and family before moving day if you’re leaving town.

  2. Start collecting free boxes from restaurants, liquor stores, grocery stores, and office supply shops. Most of these businesses have more boxes than they know what to do with and will be more than happy to hand them over to you.

  3. Label your moving boxes by using different colored stickers or tape for each room. This makes life incredibly easier once you’re all moved in and ready to unpack.

  4. Create an inventory sheet of all valuables before they go on the truck. Keep a private list of which boxes contain valuables.

  5. Mark the boxes that are fragile to prevent your bookshelf crushing grandma’s china.

  6. Take photos of all electronics before you unplug them. This will help you remember how to reconnect things like your TV and stereo later on.

  7. Put all hardware in labeled baggies for easy furniture assembly.

  8. Gather your socks, t-shirts, towels, and linens to use as free packing supplies. Your drinking glasses will be perfectly safe in a dish towel, no need to spend money here.

  9. Moving into an apartment? Check with management to find out if there are any moving day requirements.

  10. Address any minor home repairs before you move out. If you’re moving out of an apartment or rental, this can be the difference between getting your security deposit back or not.

  11. Moving cross country? Have your vehicle serviced beforehand. The last thing you need is a car breaking down mid-move.

  12. Pack a little every day. You don’t want to have to get stuck packing everything the night before.


4 Weeks Before The Move


You’ve officially made it to the one month mark! This is the time where you should start gathering important documents that you’ll need to bring with you to the new place You should also start doing things like selling and donating unwanted items. Getting rid of excess will make packing a lot easier to complete- less stuff means less to do!


  1. Buy moving insurance to cover all belongings during the move.

  2. Confirm the parking options for your moving truck- you might need a permit for moving day.

  3. Use or donate items that you don’t want to pack or sell like frozen foods, bleach, and any aerosol cans.

  4. Gather all of your financial and legal records together and store them in a central location.

  5. Find a new doctor, dentist, and vet in your new neighborhood.

  6. Update voter registration

  7. Shop around for cable, internet and phone.

  8. Make sure pets have ID tags for their collars.

  9. Make a moving day playlist to make things a little more fun :)


Two Weeks Before The Move


Your big day is right around the corner! Being two weeks away from moving, it’s time to update your accounts and records for your new place and address. Take these two weeks and plan ahead in regards to packing, meals, medication, pets and children. Moving day will be busy. Make sure you have everything on your moving list checked off for this two week point.


  1. Create a moving file to organize moving-related receipts and bills.

  2. Recycle and dispose of any toxic, corrosive, or flammable items properly in your area.

  3. Prep two weeks worth of meals and use everything in the freezer!

  4. Backup your computer. If something happens during your move, you’ll be glad you did.

  5. Set up trash service and recycling for your new place and cancel current service.

  6. Fill your prescriptions.

  7. Forward your mail.

  8. Change your address with government offices like the Social Security Administration, Department of Veteran’s Affairs and the IRS.

  9. Transfer your renters or homeowners insurance to your new place.

  10. Cancel gym memberships

  11. Transfer your utilities

  12. Update your driver’s license

  13. Change your address for auto insurance and car registration

  14. Change your address for Amazon


It’s Moving Week!

The time is nigh! Now is the moment to make sure your belongings are organized, finish your packing and clean your old place. Make sure everything is squared away early for a stress-free moving day.

  1. Cancel or redirect scheduled deliveries.

  2. Clean, clean clean!

  3. Defrost your freezer

  4. Drain water hoses to your washer machine

  5. Double check all shelves and closet corners

  6. Fill all nail holes

  7. Pack a box of everything you’ll need in the first 24 hours in your new place.

  8. Make a worst case scenario plan in case something happens on moving day.

  9. Take photos of your empty place to prove it’s in move-out condition


Moving Day Checklist

The big day is finally here! All of your preparation has led you to this very moment. On the day of your move, rise and shine! Get an early start and start the day off right by getting moving. The earlier you move in, the more time you’ll have to unpack and settle in.

  1. Set an alarm and get up early on moving day!

  2. Protect floors and carpets while you move.

  3. If you’ve hired movers, they’ve worked hard for you all day so make sure to tip them!

  4. As soon as the movers leave, make your bed, unpack your shower curtain and toiletries. You’ll want a nap and a shower and this will make it much easier.

  5. Get to know your neighbors!

  6. Go grocery shopping. At this point in the process, you’ve had enough take out.

  7. If you don’t have curtains or shades yet, cover your windows with sheets for privacy for your first night.


You’ve survived! Hopefully your move was a complete success and you’re able to settle into your new place without a hitch. Aim to unpack within the next two weeks so you can begin to settle in.


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