The Apartment Inspection Checklist

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You finally found that amazing apartment. The costs of rent are right, it’s in the perfect location, and you’re excited about moving in. Before you sign your lease or start packing, you’ll want to do an apartment walkthrough so you can make sure that your apartment is all you hoped for. Use this apartment walkthrough checklist to make sure that you cover all the details.


Why Is An Apartment Inspection So Important?


Your apartment inspection is probably one of the most essential steps you have to take before you sign your lease. The apartment walkthrough is exactly what it sounds like– you walk through the apartment with your landlord or manager to see if there are any issues that should be repaired before you move in. Identifying these issues is incredibly important as it helps you avoid fees for any damages that you didn’t cause when you move out. This is an easy step that helps save you money in the long run– you want to get your full deposit back when you move!


Rental Walkthrough Checklist


When you do your rental inspection, bring your phone and something to write on. Notes and pictures will both come in handy if you see any issues. You’ll want to record these as they’re top of mind so that you don’t forget. Here are some things you’ll want to look for as you go through the apartment:


Kitchen Issues


  • Examine the oven. Are the burners clean? Is the inside clean? Does it turn on?

  • Check the fridge and freezer. Are they both cold? Your freezer should be free of ice buildup.

  • Look inside the dishwasher. Is the interior clean? DOes it turn on??

  • If applicable, check the garbage disposal and make sure it runs correctly. Does the kitchen sink drain??


Bathroom Issues


  • Turn on the shower- what is the water pressure like?

  • Check the sink- is it draining properly?

  • Do all light fixtures work?

  • Flush the toilet- does it function properly?

  • Are there any cracked tiles?




  • Check all locks. Do they work properly?

  • Look for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and check to see if they’ll work.


Entire Apartment


  • Check Outlets and make sure they work.

  • Open and close doors to make sure they’re functional. Same with windows.

  • Are screens and panes in good condition?

  • Check the carpet for stains.

  • Look at the paint and note any discoloration or marks on walls.


Post-Apartment Inspection


After your apartment walkthrough, make sure that you discuss your concerns with the landlord or management team. When you’re done, compile the notes of issues that you saw and send those to your landlord along with any pictures you took in an email. This way, everything discussed is documented. Be sure that your landlord follows up with how they’ll address these issues. Keep all notes and records as they may be handy when you move out.


Everything you do now will help you save money later. Document everything and keep records while you’re living in this apartment to ensure that you will receive your full deposit later when you leave the property for bigger and better things.


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